A Mad Hemorrhage

writes about anything fascinating — physics, complexity, the human condition, and just about everything else. Would probably find you fascinating too.

Studied physics and then computer science (and held down various jobs), but thy great love is computational linguistics. Wants to work on is machine translation. Solving it will make some really cool software and foster world peace.

Graham Morehead, the curator of “The Pangeon” talks at TEDxYouth@JBMHS in Bangor, ME at the Gracie Theatre.

Graham talked about his academic challenges and career pit stops mentioning 3 significant mentors who taught him important life lessons. His talk also tackled about how man’s exploration made the world a better place. He ended his talk by challenging the listeners to do more of what they are required to do, quoting from him: “Humanity is waking up, be a part of it.”

Here’s a full video of his recent Tedx Talk:

Show 96: Curator of The Pangeon Graham Morehead | TideSmart Talk with Stevoe

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